Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 'Nard

In light of Thumbs' last post I've decided to link this album. That and my own good fortune for stumbling upon the free download (after a number of google searches).

A little background:

Bernard Wright joined his first group at the tender age of 8, a local jazz ensemble by the name of The Junior Firebolts. Seeing as he was quite a gifted little keyboardist, he was invited to tour with Lenny White at 13, and by age 16 was playing with Tom Browne. A couple of short years later he was signed to GRP and released his debut album 'Nard. The album didn't enjoy too much success commercially, which is a damn shame because it's f*ckin wonderful. Jazzy, funky, really slick. It didn't go entirely unnoticed though, as you will undoubtedly recognize...

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