Thursday, December 3, 2009


Heyyy how are ya? it's been awhile yeah? Mr Thumbs here..hope all is well wichu.

First off let me share this track by Evelyn 'Champagne' King called 'Your Personal Touch'..we're keeping it on the upbeat funk tip (this is not disco IMHO). Press play and read the flyer (Trust Me). Cool?

Yes, we're having an 'end of the year', ugly sweater, no-holds-barred funk night at the AC Lounge. Instant Funk, Ugly Sweater Edition (That means you my friend, will get a chance to wear an ugly sweater and make it cool). Should be one funky holiday event. Maybe the bar will have super spiked egg nog for you as well for wearing that sweater. Thank you to everyone that has supported Instant Funk. We are fortunate to have 6 events under our belt (already?).

Instant Funk going down Wednesday, December 23rd at the AC Lounge


all funk, boogie and disco goodness all night!

w/ residents:

Dj Thumbprint
Dj Dopeshoes

4673 30th St., San Diego, CA 92116

Kids Of Soul x Homegrown Blends x Dojo Soundz

Once again, thank you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Bill

I may have a late pass on this one. Bill Withers the movie? That's awesome right? Yes it is. Check the link to find out more about this man's legacy. Without further ado, Still Bill The Movie.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Instant Funk Mix Vol 3

Hi kids.
As you may already know, it's September. As you may not already know, we're doing our Instant Funk night again on the 23rd. And boy are we excited! This month we will be featuring our good friend DJ Charlie Rock. If you know Charlie Rock then I've already said enough. If you don't, then by all means consider this your formal invitation to come get acquainted.

Thumbs and I have decided to do a little something different for this month's mix. We decided to square off and rep a group of our choosing. I present to you Instant Funk Mix Vol 3: The Bar-Kays vs. Funkadelic

INSTANT FUNK MIX VOL. 3: The Bar-Kays vs. Funkadelic

For those of you who dig a little "behind the music" type info, in addition to doing our mixes we've each done our homework.

The Bar-Kays

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, The Bar-Kays signed to Volt (a Stax subsidiary) in 1967. By spring of that year they had released "Soul Finger," a searingly funky album with a hit single of the same title, and established themselves as Stax' 2nd house band. That summer, Otis Redding selected The Bar-Kays to back him. That December, tragically, a plane carrying Otis and The Bar-Kays crashed, killing all passengers except trumpeter Ben Cauley. James Alexander, the bassist for the group, was not on the plane. The next year, the group was rebuilt around the surviving two members, again taking their place at Stax' house band, backing Rufus Thomas, Albert King, and The Staples Singers. The group also backed Isaac Hayes on his legendary album, "Hot Buttered Soul."

In 1970, the group made an important change, adding, for the first time, a lead singer to their ranks. With the addition of Larry Dodson, the group was ready to come up from the shadows and take center stage. Their first few albums were largely conceptual, fusing rock and funk in a style similar that of Sly & The Family Stone and Funkadelic. Receiving minimal support from Stax, the albums enjoyed little success commercially. This turned around in 1976, when the group signed with Mercury, opening for Parliament on their "P-Funk Earth Tour" and releasing their first gold album in 1978, entitled "Flying High On Your Love." This album contained that devil-may-care dance floor classic, "Let's Have Some Fun."

Asshole alert: The success of their album caught the green eye of Fantasy Records, the label that had purchased all of Stax' mastertapes in the wake of their bankruptcy. The label promptly dug out old unreleased Bar-Kays' jams and released them as the "Money Talks" LP. The Bar-Kays didn't see a single penny of the money generated by this album. To Fantasy I would like to issue a formal, "Shame on you for your insufferable greed, " along with an informal, "Suck it you bastards." However, I suppose there is a silver lining here, in that the song "Holy Ghost" was on this album, so even though it was done in a despicable way, Fantasy Records is responsible for breaking this brilliant song out of the vaults.

The Bar-Kays went on to release two more gold albums, and ultimately released a total of 18 albums over the course of their career. Between 1976 and 1987 they hit the R&B singles chart a whopping 23 times. The Bar-Kays underwent almost continual changes, from group members to musical styles, but it was most likely this flexibility and vitality that was responsible for the group's long successful career.

And now, I will pass the mic to my better half in this funky family, Thumbprint:


Funkadelic is a band formed by George Clinton in 1964. It is hard
to separate them from Parliament because they go hand in hand. The
world is familiar with Parliament-Funkadelic. Let's set it straight by
saying Funkadelic is the band and The Parliaments took care of the
vocals. If you're studying funk, get familiar with the Funkadelic
sound. They are the ones that evolved the synthy, slower guitar riffs
in their music. They also included parts of disco and electro music.
The term P-Funk came from this group which came from
Parliament-Funkadelic. The P-Funk term became a sub genre that helped
paved the way for alot of funk artists. Gotta thank George Clinton
for that one.

For more info about funkadelic's history and discography, check out
their wikipedia. It has a vast knowledge info of artists that
were involved with the band. You might see some familiar names there
like Bootsy Collins or Eddie Hazel.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 'Nard

In light of Thumbs' last post I've decided to link this album. That and my own good fortune for stumbling upon the free download (after a number of google searches).

A little background:

Bernard Wright joined his first group at the tender age of 8, a local jazz ensemble by the name of The Junior Firebolts. Seeing as he was quite a gifted little keyboardist, he was invited to tour with Lenny White at 13, and by age 16 was playing with Tom Browne. A couple of short years later he was signed to GRP and released his debut album 'Nard. The album didn't enjoy too much success commercially, which is a damn shame because it's f*ckin wonderful. Jazzy, funky, really slick. It didn't go entirely unnoticed though, as you will undoubtedly recognize...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oooh I know that Sample!

Ahh yes, I'm excited about our next Installment of Instant Funk at AC Lounge! We feel very blessed to do another event and to be able to play the stuff we love/like!

For this post, i'd like to talk about samples. Mainly, funk samples that were used on the more familiar hiphop/r&b songs that we hear on the radio (or your playlist). It is true that most hiphop/r&b songs use jazz samples, but I would like to focus more on the 70's funk. Here's a taste of 70's funk songs that were sampled.

Funkadelic - Nappy Dugout
Sampling Artist - A Tribe Called Quest - Ham and Eggs

*I am digging Funkadelic on this one, ATCQ used alot of funk samples on their albums so this is a prime example.

Parliament - Mothership Connection
Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

*Dre loves his funk samples, Let Me Ride seems like an updated version of the Parliament track, but I'm sticking with Mothership Connection

Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman
Beyonce ft. Jay - Crazy In Love

*This is a very catchy loop for the Beyonce track, people go nuts when they hear this and think its the live band version of Crazy In Love. Nope, this is the original

Steely Dan - Black Cow
Peter Gunz n Lord Tariq - Deja Vu
Tatyana Ali - "Daydreamin'"

*Steely Dan filed a major lawsuit against Peter Gunz for this one, but then Deja Vu made Steely Dan rich in my mind. Black Cow is on that slow funk groovy tip. I would also rock Daydreamin any day, good job Ashley!

Chaka Khan and Rufus - Do you love what you feel
Camron - Rockin and Rollin

*I posted this just to say that 'J Dupri how could you?!' haha. This track should not even be sampled at all. Just leave it the way it is

Slowed up Funk

The Whispers - You are Number one
Visionaries - Blessings

*Big fan of both Whispers and Blessings by Visionaries. Can't go wrong with both.

The Whispers - And The Beat Goes on
Will Smith - Miami

*Ending this segment with this track. This is on my PQ Nights mix that I did back in 05 (cop it or!) I love me some funk disco steez. I cant get mad when people hear this and they go 'Welcome to Miami'.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Instant Funk Mix Vol. 2

Happy August everyone. Damn it's hot out. I'm seriously breaking a sweat daily. But you know what? I don't blame it on the sunshine. I don't blame it on the moonlight. I don't blame it on the good times. I blame it on the boogie.
And now you can too.


This one is kicked off by Thumbs, and finished up by yours truly. One hour of little funk goodies for our good little funkers.

"A second Instant Funk Mix?" you say, "I know what that means..."

Mark your calendars :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pay It Backward (part one)

Two things I’ve noticed as the years have peeled by. First, nothing is ever new. And second, no one does it all on their own. We learn from one another, and if we were raised right, we not only build upon the advances of one another, we advance alongside one another.

In this vein I’m kicking off a multi-part series entitled “Pay It Backward.” Basically, I’ll begin with a brief bio of one funky artist, at which point we will collectively turn and “pay it backward” by putting a little shine on another funky individual (or group) that either directly or indirectly influenced said artist. Here we go.

The Whispers

The Whispers got their start in 1963 singing on street corners in Watts and occasionally performing in nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. The group originally consisted of twin brothers Walter and Wallace Scott, and friends Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson, and Gordy Harmon, who was later replaced by Leavell Degree. During the late 60s to early 70s, the group released a number of hit records and several gold albums. It was in 1980, however, that the group released their first platinum album, The Whispers, containing their most famous single, "And The Beat Goes On."
Here the group discusses the intricate process of making this song in the days before drum machines. Apparently the beat truly did go on, and on, and on...


And now, it's time to pay it backward.

The O'jays

Originally hailing from Cleveland, but eventually going on to embody the Philladelphia soul sound, the O'jays are widely regarded as one of the most important soul groups of the past 40 years. Attending the same high school, the 5 original members started out as The Triumphs in 1958, then later changed their name to The Mascots. Their first single enjoyed some airplay by a local Cleveland DJ, Eddie O'jay, who decided to take them under his wing, inspiring the group to rename itself yet again.

In 1968, the group teamed up with songwriter-producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, signing to their label, Philadelphia International. By this time the group had trimmed down to three members: Eddie Levert, William Powell, and Walter Williams. Their first album released on the label was Back Stabbers, which was both a critical and popular success. The title jam, composed by McFadden & Whitehead, was a massive hit, sampled years later by Angie Stone.


The O'jays went on to release countless hits and continued recording through the 90s, though not with the same three members, as Powell passed away in 1977. At this time, Sammy Strain joined the group. In 2005, Williams, Powell, Levert, and Strain were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Monday, July 20, 2009

How was the Instant Funk Event?

Hello, Thumbs here. I did a mini post blurb about what went down on our first installment of Instant Funk from my personal blog (i don't really know why I made one. ha). So check it out! =)

Have a funky monday. I'll leave you with this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


On August 11, 1965, Marquette Frye was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. The Watts Rebellion ensued. Six days later, 34 people had been killed, 1, 032 injured, and 3,952 arrested. Seven years later, there was Wattstax.

Produced by the legendary Stax label, it was hailed as the "Afro-American answer to Woodstock." Held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the concert served to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Watts Rebellion. To ensure that everyone could have the opportunity to partake, tickets were sold for only $1. The Kings and Queens of funkdom were all in attendance: Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, The Bar-kays, The Staples Singers, the list (and the beat) goes on. A dashiki-cloaked Jesse Jackson opened the event with the poem, "I Am - Somebody," performing a massive call and response with the crowd. The next 7 1/2 hours were surely something to behold. I, for one, regret not being there. I was, however, -11 at time. So I suppose these clips will have to suffice.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rufus Thomas.

Stanky leg my ass. THIS is dancing.


The Bar-Kays, who at the time had only two hit singles, had initially planned to enter the stadium on chariots, a plan which was promptly thrown out by stadium management, whom I will lovingly call the Buzz Killingtons of the event world. Fortunately, they were unable to foil the groups plans of bringing the FONK. And looking damn fly while doing it.


About 2 minutes in Mavis Staple goes to work. Wow.


Black Moses. Rest in power.

I'm switchin it up here. Cause I feel like it. Click to download "Walk On By"

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy 4th!

Funk in Everything...

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Let's kick off your weekend with some songs that must've been inspired by funk.  These are R&B songs (though funk originally has that hint of r&b appeal to it) that will set the mood right.  I embed three videos here with downloads that will keep that funk feeling 'oh so good' in your system.  'Get up!'s party time!...'

Mercedes Boy - Pebbles
>> Download

Baby Love - Regina
>> Download

Pleasure Principle - Miss Janet
>> Download

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because we love you

Hello my babies. Mama has a little present for you. In light of our upcoming event, DJ Thumbprint and I have prepared a little something special just for our little funkers. Click the link below to download our 2-part mix. One-part Dopeshoes. One-part Thumbprint. All love.

Instant Funk Mix Vol. 1


Side A: Dopeshoes
Outstanding - The Gap Band
Strawberry Letter 23 - The Brothers Johnson
The Payback - James Brown
Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) - B.T. Express
Bring It Home - The Bamboos
Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk
Dazz - Brick
West Coast Poplock - Ronnie Hudson & The Street People
Get It Up - The Time
Hit and Run - The Bar-Kays
Fresh - Kool & the Gang
Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
Stomp - Beatconductor

Side B: Thumbprint
Feel Good It's Party Time - JR Funk (intro)
Street Talk - Funky Constellation
Watching You - Slave
I'll Do Anything For You - Denroy Morgan
Burn Hard - Chic
Body Fever - Bar - Kays
Midas Touch - Midnight Star
For Those Who Like To Groove - Ray Parker Jr.
Ready Or Not - Herbie Hancock
Ffun - Con Funk Shun
Ghetto Life - Rick James
Nights (Feel Like Gettin Down) (Beatnicks Ext)- Billy Ocean
Baby Be Mine - Michael Jackson

On a related note…

Undoubtedly you’ve been saying to yourselves, “Wow, this Instant Funk blog is magnificent. These Thumbprint and Dopeshoes people sure seem swell. They clearly possess incredible wit and intellect and are no doubt obscenely good-looking. I sure would enjoy hanging out with them outside of the blogosphere.” To that I say, “Why, thank you.”



What is Funk?

If I were to be asked this question, I might say 'it is music from the the 70's to the early 80's', and then name bands that were involved with this genre to which the listener can get a gist of what funk is all about.

I checked out wikipedia for a clear definition of 'Funk' and it is defined as 'African-American musicians applied "funk" to music with a slow, mellow groove, then later with a hard-driving, insistent rhythm because of the word's association with sexual intercourse.'...hmmm.. For more on the origins of the word:

Origin of Funk

Now that we know what Funk is (or somewhat understand for those that aren't familiar..), I will be posting videos and/or downloads to differentiate different genres of funk be it 70's, 80's and so on..

Lets start out with 70's funk. Most of the 70's funk are highly used samples in hiphop/rap. Watch, listen and vibe out to them.

Credit this one to Dopeshoes, she put me up on Bobby Patterson. Late 70's steeze.

B.T. Express..Need I say more? THIS..IS..FUNK! ha. Late 70's.

The Unemployed - They Won't Let Me. Ill ish! woh! Early 70's steez on this one.

That's it for now. Hope ya'll got a taste of what funk is all about. Bookmark us, RSS feed us, or keep checkin back! Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Power

"I suppose that everyone of us hopes secretly for immortality; to leave, I mean, a name behind him which will live forever in this world, whatever he may be doing, himself, in the next."
A.A. Milne

In celebration of a man who, through his incredible talent and perseverance, achieved immortality...

Follow the link below to download DJ Jaycee's (Ludacris's DJ, also of The Aphilliates) MJ mix, released in 2007.
DJ Jaycee Presents Michael Jackson: The Soulful Years

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Funk.

Hello and welcome. We're not ones for long, overblown mission statements, so this will be kept brief. This blog is a humble homage to all things funky. Be it disco, funk, boogie, Latin jazz, or hip hop, or anything else for that matter. Be it old or new. We have but one test: when the groove hits, you close your eyes for a second and think, "Oooh damn." Pass.
Let's begin.

What better way to kick things off than by showing some love to our namesake, Instant Funk.

Hailing from Trenton, NJ, the group started out backing up a local group, the TNJs in the mid-60s. It was at this time that they were dubbed "Instant Funk" in response to their ability to create searingly funky grooves instantaneously. Over the years they played with Bunny Sigler, the O'jays, and Evelyn Champagne King, among many, many others.

In 1978, the time had come to put out a song of their very own, which was none other than "I Got My Mind Made Up." Initially, their efforts were rebuked with responses that "the hook isn't strong enough" or "it sounds incomplete." For those of you who are keeping track, here's yet another example of the fact that record execs don't know jack shit. Of course the song was eventually released and went on to sell millions, holding the #1 spot in the r&b charts for 3 weeks and hitting #20 on the billboard pop charts. The group went on to release multiple albums on the legendary Salsoul label. After the label folded in 1984, Instant Funk continued touring for a few years and eventually disbanded.

In closing, I would like to share a personal anecdote.

One day I was driving home, jamming the f' out to the local old school radio station, Magic 92.5 (big ups Rico and DJ 2Rille) and I heard this ridiculously funky song. One of those songs that you shouldn't listen to while driving. Forget phone handsets, the real danger is obscenely funky grooves that make my overexcited fool ass dance in my car. Damn near danced my way into a median, that's just how funky this joint was. I knew I needed to have this song in my life. So 45 minutes and one Myspace bulletin later I finally get through to the station... I think you see where this is going. Without further adieu:


Another jam from the same album, entitled "I'll be Doggone." Ooooooh weeeeee.